Career-Focused Education

A growing number of men and women are discovering career-focused education as one of the fastest and most effective ways to a new career. There are no extra academic courses to sit through, only highly focused courses, all relative to a student's chosen career. This means students complete their studies and can enter the work place faster. With a combination of classroom and hands-on training, students get to apply and practice what they have learned in the classroom, making students more work place ready upon graduation. Externships and internships provide real world experience before graduating. Premier Education Group school graduates serve their externships at real companies, gaining valuable experience and forming relationships with those in their chosen field. Employers have come to appreciate the level of job readiness they get with PEG graduates. Employers appreciate new employees who can hit the ground running with less training required.

Premier Education Group offers career-focused education in a wide variety of industries. Program offerings vary based on school and campus.